How to Properly Take Your Measurements

Need female models 4 measurements: height, bust, waist and hips.

The time

With his bare feet, is tall and straight with your back against the wall. To have someone to perform a ruler or something that can be placed in the upper part of the head in a straight line to the wall. The mark on the wall where the ruler touches. Measure the distance from the ground up to the mark on the wall.

4 ways models can invade the modeling industry Petite


Many aspiring models always are not aware that in modeling, its size of the bust is not its size bra. It is in truth the greater part of his bust.

First, place tape measure around the fullest of your bust, the level of the nipple. Check if the tape is parallel to the ground. Then, holding the tape measure, full breaths in and out to allow the tape to slide to a comfortable position, however, comfortable. This number is the size of the bust of modeling.

The waist

How to measure your bust, waist measure may be a little different than you used to. It ‘s not your size of jeans!

A measure of the waist of truth needs to be taken in the lower part of the waist.

It may be in your belly button, or even a few inches above her. Hold the tape snug but not too tight, to find your natural waist.


Many models incorrectly measure around your hips, resulting in a much smaller measuring hip (and often impossible). Instead, standing with the feet together, measure around the greater part of your hips and buttocks. This is the measure of the hip agencies are looking for.

Work your curves in a career as a model of size plus

Male models needed 6 measures: height, neck, chest, waist, sleeve and jacket size.

The time

With his bare feet, is tall and straight with your back against the wall. To have someone to perform a ruler or something that can be placed in the upper part of the head in a straight line to the wall. The mark on the wall where the ruler touches. Measure the distance from the ground up to the mark on the wall.


Put the measuring tape around the neck below, right below his Adam ‘s apple. Press the tape, and then let him go out, a little slip two fingers between the tape and his neck. Round up to the next half “.


Wrap the measuring tape underneath the armpits, around the greater part of his chest. Make sure that the tape is comfortable, but not so tight that you can’t breathe normally. That ‘s it. Easy.

Working backstage as a model suitable or appropriate

The waist

How to measure your bust, waist measure may be a little different than you used to. It ‘s not your size of jeans!

A measure of the waist of truth needs to be taken in the lower part of the waist. It may be in your belly button, or even a few inches above her. Hold the tape snug but not too tight, to find your natural waist.

The sleeve

First, put the hand on the hip. Then, beginning with the tape at the point the center where the neck is your shoulders, measure down over your arm and your wrist. Stop right where the wrist measurement meets with the palm of your hand.

The body parts modeling, how to model the hands, legs, feet and other parts of the body.

Size jacket

You may have seen sizes jacket written time regular or 38, 40. The number refers to the size of the chest (measurement is explained above), and the “regular” or “time” refers to the length of the jacket. In general, its height determines the length that you need. Regular sizes are designed for men, approximately 5 ‘8 “and 5’ 11”, and it is time to face 6 ‘.

So as you can see, it’s incredibly important to take accurate measurements. Here’s how!

3 Skin Care Tips for When You’re Traveling

Travel can be fun, but often take a toll on your skin. If you are to spend the vacation of their dreams or to visit your family for the holidays, you will want to take some measures to protect your skin, especially if you are prone to irritation and leakage.

Things that you need

  • Their skin care products, packaged in containers of travel – friendly (cleanser, toner, lotion / serum)
  • Lip protector
  • Sunscreen face
  • Healthy snacks
  • Bottle of water.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Leaf spot

1. Be ready for him

The best way to prepare your skin, is to get it in good shape before the trip. This can be achieved with careful diligent of skin, but also with the practice healthy habits.

To reduce the quantity of products you use to a minimum (cleanser, toner, lotion / serum) and stick to the products that work for you.

Clean without fail, every morning and evening using a cleanser gently to reduce their chances of escape.

Start the abundance of rest (7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fresh products and home cooked meals.

Cut out the sugar alcohol, avoid and stay away from all processed foods.

2. The usual packaging their products

To use their own skincare products reliable during his trip is an option more cautious than buy a skincare travel – size defined as your skin is not used. If you are traveling by air, fill containers of liquid TSA approved with its products and bring enough money to cover the whole journey.

3. Air transport

Of all the methods of travel, flying is the most challenging for the skin. Aircraft cabins are virtually free of moisture, so the air tends to attract moisture to the skin, leaving dry skin even more dry. Here are some things you can do to protect your skin.

Apply a moisturizing product before the flight, (products containing ingredients of water binding, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin) with a moisturizing product in layers on top of it (such as an oil face) to prevent loss of water. Oil seals off the moisture and helps to prevent dehydration.

Use a lip protector. Lips tend to be the first part of your body dry and uncomfortable.

Ignore the makeup face, as a base, concealer, and powder. If you do not want to go completely free of makeup, wear mascara and lipstick with a moisturizing formula, but keep the skin desencapada.

Use the SPF. When flying, you get much closer to the sun and increases the exposure of the skin to UV rays and its detrimental effect.

Avoid alcohol during the flight, as it can cause dehydration, drink water a lot.

Eat healthy snacks. Avoid eating snacks offered by airline, such as nuts with salt, potato chips and cookies. Fruit and nuts, without salt are a much better option.

If you have oily skin… Be sure to keep the roles of blotting paper by hand to remove the excess sebum of the skin, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and leads to leakage.

How to Get the Werewolf Look

Werewolves are creatures of fantasy with a little dangerous and powerful. This may explain why they are often a favorite, in time for Halloween. If you want to get the appearance of werewolf, there are things you can do to improve your natural style without putting in the stage makeup and fake fur.

Things that you need

  • Hair gel
  • Hair spray.
  • Flannel shirt
  • Blue jeans
  • Work boots

Jazz up your eyebrows, allowing them to get messed up. Refrain from trim or plucking them. Dip a finger with a spritz of hairspray and shape by the eyebrow in a broad look a mess. The lacquer will help to keep them in place.

Spread the hair gel in your hands and run your fingers through your hair dry. Work the hair in a look at wind, bold. Place the additional gel at your fingertips and pull your hair out tips in several directions. Allow the gel to dry and apply a generous layer of lacquer.

Dressed in the wear of lumberjack worn outdoors. Flannel shirts jeans faded blue jeans work well. Leave the shirt shirt outside with the first two and bottom 2two buttons undone. Roll up your sleeves and wearing work boots to complete the outfit.

Grow facial hair naturally, without cutting. Allow the hair growing on your neck and high on the cheekbones without edges clean shaving. The tabs are a must, preferably misaligned sideburns grow commensurately.

Allow the nails grow more than normal and consider archiving them in a form slightly pointed. For a look real attention getting, painting them with the nails painted black or brown.

How to Pick Up A Girl At A Bar

“Psychology of the laity,” the concept of psychology as seen from the eyes of a layman and experiences, contains numerous errors. Many men and women wear psychology layman to encourage other people in their search for partners. The result is cheesy Sung and shame for all. Psychological theories of communication and social interaction are reliable bases for advice on the pick-up. If your goal is to pick up a girl in a bar, you just need to understand some basic psychological principles and apply them in the field.

Approach with confidence. Confidence is one of the most desirable traits of a man. When you are targeting a specific woman in a bar, do not wait for her to speak with you, such as the probability that happen is low. Instead, approach her directly and with confidence. This means walking with a confident posture and eye contact.

Starts the interaction non stereotypical. For many, the purpose of a bar is to meet potential partners. Thus, the woman that is approaching probably has been addressed several times. Do not use sung. Don ‘t tell her she looks well. Don ‘t ask personal questions. Say something interesting and creative, or ask a question that is likely to produce an answer more than one word.

To continue the conversation while at the same time implicitly displaying their positive traits. The topic of conversation is not important, as significant communication search romantic mostly is nonverbal. Speak louder than you feel is necessary; just remember that you are in a bar, noisy and likely to be misheard. Display their positive traits include showing kindness and compassion, comfort with closeness with the women and the intellect.

Move out of the bar. With the women out there, somewhere, a restaurant or your home. I do not suggest to move the toolbar, but actually make the decision. In other words, don ‘t ask if she would like to go with you somewhere, but the state you and she are going somewhere else and take her there. If you were successful in their interaction with her, it is unlikely that she will refuse. Congratulations, you are now a meeting.

How to Make Plastic Bag Ice Cream

Ice cream made in home is a special treatment. You can do a single service by itself, to prepare enough bags to all guests. Young and old also will appreciate the fun and novelty, to make your own ice cream. Add a buffet of covers for ice cream and candy mix INS, and you have an instant party!

Things that you need

  • Firmly sealing plastic bags, gallon and quart size
  • 1 cup of half and half or milk
  • 1 / 4 cup of sugar.
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla
  • 1 / 2 cup of salt or kosher salt
  • 3 glasses of ice.
  • Toppings of your choice

Step 1: prepare the mixture of ice cream

Open the plastic bag quart and support it with a glass or bowl.

Pour 1 cup of half and half in the bag.

Add 1 / 4 cup of sugar.

And 1 teaspoon vanilla.

Seal the bag tightly.

Shake the bag for mixing the ingredients.

Step 2: prepare the outer bag

Place about 3 cups of ice inside the bag of gallon. Add 1 / 2 cup of salt or kosher salt.

Put the bag of Quart with the mixture of ice cream inside the bag with ice and salt. Seal the bag tightly.


Step 3: stir the bags

Shake and manipulate the bags, throw them in the air, and play with them. This should take about 5 minutes. You can wrap them in towels if too cold to deal with them. You can also put them in the freezer to make the texture if you want ice cream hard.

Step 4: serve

Spoon the cream out of the bag and a serving plate.

Add toppings to choose.

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Exercises to Get Bigger Hips Fast

If you are overweight and looking only to ‘increase’ your ass, you should know that it is not possible. You can ‘t just’ point to reduce so easily. You need to make sure that you perform a variety of different exercises that are designed to reduce fat deposits in the body, whole, not just a place.

However, there are certain exercises that focus mainly on the waist and tail and then to perform the exercises on a regular basis will result in an accumulation much larger muscles and fat burning their buttocks. Here are the exercises you need to accomplish:


You already knew that, but squats are a highly efficient reduction and toning of the buttocks. Not only does enhance your buttocks, but also impacts her thighs, making them thinner and stronger. To execute a squat, stand up straight and separate the feet to shoulder width. Rest the arms at their sides. Then bend your knees and go downstairs, out of your ass.

How to do it, make sure that your arms to align themselves with his chest and abdominal muscles below come into play. Imagine as if you are trying to sit on a chair, invisible. You will feel a tension in your inner thighs and abdominal muscles. Go down until your thighs are parallel to the floor almost, and then get up, pushing the feet against the ground.

Continue this exercise and try to twist at least 100 squats in a training, to begin with. Remember, the more you do, the greater will be the amount of fat you will burn or the muscle you will generate. Squats are a great way to improve your performance and become more powerful and lasting. If you want to add a little bit more intensity to the squat, the best way is to incorporate a dumbbell or a bar to his squat. Hold on straight to the outside and then execute the squat, as you normally would.

Lunge side

A slight modification of the exercise wildly popular lunge, the boat side is more efficient as it uses the muscles in your hips. To begin, consider if you are standing in the middle of a watch, with his feet turned to the mark 12. Now, move slightly to the side, as if you are trying to get the 2. Put your right heel on the floor and then bend your fingers as you bring your knees in a movement.

The left foot does not leave his place and continues after you. However, in his left foot is now resting on the floor as you go down. So, come on, as long as your right thigh becomes almost parallel to the ground. After reaching this position, pull up and repeat this movement, but this time with the left foot. The more lateral lunges, you are able to withdraw, the greater will be the amount of effort of the muscles in your ass. To incorporate them into your daily schedule of training to obtain an ass better, bigger and stronger in a short space of time.


Yoga is one of the best ways you can obtain a butt tight, strong. Compared with the average of exercises, yoga is different because it requires you to stay in one position for a long period of time. More important, not just Yoga brings his muscles in the game, but also relax your mind, relieving stress, which in the final analysis, makes it much easier to lose fat from your body. There are a number of different yoga poses that you can try if you want to lose weight and build muscle in your body.

For example, yoga poses are common as the raven, and the dove, the toad and lizard are all focused on getting the muscles of the hip in game, which ultimately results in a butt firmer, more strong. However, when you begin to start doing yoga, it is important to make sure that you do not go to the poses more complicated right from the beginning. Yoga is not easy to learn, and you may require a good coach / teacher in order to start. You can also search the Internet in order to find out the basic poses that you can incorporate into your daily schedule of training to obtain a clang strong.

Lift your leg lying on his side

Just lie down one side, with the support of his arm and then turn. Lift the leg diagonally upward of the soil at an angle so that you feel the impact of the side of the waist. Conduct at least ten repetitions and then move to the other side and performing the same routine. This will not only help to build a more steady as he uses the butt muscles in your buttocks, but will also help you get a better posture, because it brings the whole side in the game.

For those who have the bloating, the side lying raises the leg will also use the muscles and remove fat from the body through the sides.

How to Make a Marching Tenor Drum Pad

Tenor drum platforms are one of the most important percussion instruments in a marching band. The equipment is essentially a set of six pieces of drum, the player uses around your middle. This allows you to walk and play at the same time. To develop skills in any instrument requires hours of practice, but noise restrictions may hinder the practice, the best of times. However, a tenor drum pad of some articles of the household can practice at any time of the day.

Things that you need

  • 1 roll foam rubber
  • 1 roll of adhesive felt
  • 1 large plate
  • 1 small plate
  • Velcro double-sided
  • Knife, scissors or utility
  • Marker
  • Part 4 – by – 2 – foot wooden

Place the roll of foam rubber out on a flat surface, dry and even

Place the plate round big on the foam rubber and tracking around him with his marker. Repeat this process three times to make pillows for the four big drums in a platform of tenor drum.

Place small round plate on the foam rubber and tracking around him with his marker. Repeat this process again to make the two pillows small drum.

Place the roll of the felt adhesive on a flat surface and dried. Draw the big four times and the plate twice with his marker.

Cut on the lines drawn in the foam with care and felt with your scissors or a knife to public service.

Remove the paper covering the adhesive on the felt and drilling circles felt their pieces of foam.

Present a piece of Velcro, double face on the lower part of all the six sensing.


Put three strips of Velcro horizontally through the plywood. Velcro is the best choice to join the pillows to the wood base, because you have the option to organize the cushions in the layout of your choice.

Organize the six cylinder cushions in the traditional configuration of equipment of drum of tenor who put the four pillows, large in the upper part of the wood and the two small pillows in the lower part.

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How Is Pitch Measured?

Step, or frequency, is the measure of cycles per unit of time of a sound. It ‘s a physical measurement. It is possible to measure the field with high precision using electronic tools. It is also possible to measure the density around the ear. The field of measurement is important in fields such as music, engineering, music, acoustics, and psicoacústica.



The unit is more commonly used to measure the density is hertz. Hertz is a measure of the cycles per second. Sound waves are oscillating phenomena in the air. A sound wave oscillates between high and low air pressure. A single cycle involves the wave reaching the high pressure, falling to low pressure and reaching high pressure again. However, many times a sound wave does that in a second is the number of cycles per second and, therefore, the number of Hertz.

The oscilloscope

Scientists and engineers often use oscilloscope to measure the field. An oscilloscope is useful to look at the waveform signal during the measurement of your pitch. An oscilloscope creates a graphical representation of a wave form. To use an oscilloscope to measure the density, the user connects the signal to oscilloscope using audio cables or a microphone. The user looks at the display of the oscilloscope and adjusts the buttons until the form of stationary wave. When the stationary wave form, the user reads the settings of the controls, indicating the frequency in Hertz.

The meter

A digital frequency meter is another way of measuring field. A frequency counter calculates the frequency of input and provides a numerical reading in Hertz. The user connects the meter in the same way as is the case with the oscilloscope. When fed with a stable release, the meter will indicate the pitch in Hertz. The advantage of using this method on the oscilloscope is that it provides a more rapid result. The disadvantage is that the wave form is invisible.


The simplest way but less need for measuring field is doing it by ear using a musical instrument such as a piano. To measure the density, the listener listens to the sound that she wishes to measure, then play the piano keys until she found the key that is more similar to the tone of the sound. The tone of the sound is approximately the same as the name of the note. Or, the user may refer to a chart that gives the frequency of each note

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How to Arrange Marching Band Music

The bands attracted much public contests, parades, sporting events, exciting both audience and musicians. Often, directors wish to incorporate popular pieces from the repertoire of the marching band. Although not all of the popular pieces are available in appropriate arrangements, with a little time and energy, you can organize almost any music of a marching band.


Things that you need

  • The music you want to organize
  • The software program paper and / or personal music

The preparation

To obtain scores for the piece that you want to organize (obtain a printed copy or transcribing it phonetically).

Analyze the music, identifying the melody and chord progressions.

Note the additional elements, such as counter melody, dynamics, rhythm and rhythm changes are important.

List the instruments you need parts for. The bands usually consist of wind instruments, brass and percussion instruments.

Outline the melodic progression. Plan: which instruments will be the melody? At what point? Where to move next.

Outline the harmonic progression. Plan: which instruments will be harmony? At what point? Where to move next.

Organizing the music

Set the score in a document or a music program of the computer (as a finale or Sibelius).

Note the signing key and time signature.

Write the melody.

Write down the line.

Add dynamics and phrasing.

Scan the play, looking for: transposition errors, melodic, mistakes, errors of harmonic, rhythmic errors and “holes” (the parts that you forgot to write).

Save and / or make copies of the manuscript of the song.

Write down the individual parts based out of your score, and distribute them to its musicians.

Practice and make the necessary corrections. Have fun!


Hints and warnings

You may wish to first write out chords of the block for harmony and then embellish or “fill” the chords.

Practice your skills of organization for fixing pieces for small sets first and then work for larger ensembles.

See examples of parts arranged.

Share ideas and arrangements with fellow directors of the marching band.

If you are still having problems or short on time, there are companies that will organize music to you, such as However, you must pay for these services.

Be sure to credit the composer / artist original.

Make sure that no part exceeds the range of the instrument.

Make sure that you have implemented the part of each instrument to the appropriate key.

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