How to Make a Marching Tenor Drum Pad

Tenor drum platforms are one of the most important percussion instruments in a marching band. The equipment is essentially a set of six pieces of drum, the player uses around your middle. This allows you to walk and play at the same time. To develop skills in any instrument requires hours of practice, but noise restrictions may hinder the practice, the best of times. However, a tenor drum pad of some articles of the household can practice at any time of the day.

Things that you need

  • 1 roll foam rubber
  • 1 roll of adhesive felt
  • 1 large plate
  • 1 small plate
  • Velcro double-sided
  • Knife, scissors or utility
  • Marker
  • Part 4 – by – 2 – foot wooden

Place the roll of foam rubber out on a flat surface, dry and even

Place the plate round big on the foam rubber and tracking around him with his marker. Repeat this process three times to make pillows for the four big drums in a platform of tenor drum.

Place small round plate on the foam rubber and tracking around him with his marker. Repeat this process again to make the two pillows small drum.

Place the roll of the felt adhesive on a flat surface and dried. Draw the big four times and the plate twice with his marker.

Cut on the lines drawn in the foam with care and felt with your scissors or a knife to public service.

Remove the paper covering the adhesive on the felt and drilling circles felt their pieces of foam.

Present a piece of Velcro, double face on the lower part of all the six sensing.


Put three strips of Velcro horizontally through the plywood. Velcro is the best choice to join the pillows to the wood base, because you have the option to organize the cushions in the layout of your choice.

Organize the six cylinder cushions in the traditional configuration of equipment of drum of tenor who put the four pillows, large in the upper part of the wood and the two small pillows in the lower part.