3 Skin Care Tips for When You’re Traveling

Travel can be fun, but often take a toll on your skin. If you are to spend the vacation of their dreams or to visit your family for the holidays, you will want to take some measures to protect your skin, especially if you are prone to irritation and leakage.

Things that you need

  • Their skin care products, packaged in containers of travel – friendly (cleanser, toner, lotion / serum)
  • Lip protector
  • Sunscreen face
  • Healthy snacks
  • Bottle of water.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Leaf spot

1. Be ready for him

The best way to prepare your skin, is to get it in good shape before the trip. This can be achieved with careful diligent of skin, but also with the practice healthy habits.

To reduce the quantity of products you use to a minimum (cleanser, toner, lotion / serum) and stick to the products that work for you.

Clean without fail, every morning and evening using a cleanser gently to reduce their chances of escape.

Start the abundance of rest (7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fresh products and home cooked meals.

Cut out the sugar alcohol, avoid and stay away from all processed foods.

2. The usual packaging their products

To use their own skincare products reliable during his trip is an option more cautious than buy a skincare travel – size defined as your skin is not used. If you are traveling by air, fill containers of liquid TSA approved with its products and bring enough money to cover the whole journey.

3. Air transport

Of all the methods of travel, flying is the most challenging for the skin. Aircraft cabins are virtually free of moisture, so the air tends to attract moisture to the skin, leaving dry skin even more dry. Here are some things you can do to protect your skin.

Apply a moisturizing product before the flight, (products containing ingredients of water binding, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin) with a moisturizing product in layers on top of it (such as an oil face) to prevent loss of water. Oil seals off the moisture and helps to prevent dehydration.

Use a lip protector. Lips tend to be the first part of your body dry and uncomfortable.

Ignore the makeup face, as a base, concealer, and powder. If you do not want to go completely free of makeup, wear mascara and lipstick with a moisturizing formula, but keep the skin desencapada.

Use the SPF. When flying, you get much closer to the sun and increases the exposure of the skin to UV rays and its detrimental effect.

Avoid alcohol during the flight, as it can cause dehydration, drink water a lot.

Eat healthy snacks. Avoid eating snacks offered by airline, such as nuts with salt, potato chips and cookies. Fruit and nuts, without salt are a much better option.

If you have oily skin… Be sure to keep the roles of blotting paper by hand to remove the excess sebum of the skin, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and leads to leakage.

How to Pick Up A Girl At A Bar

“Psychology of the laity,” the concept of psychology as seen from the eyes of a layman and experiences, contains numerous errors. Many men and women wear psychology layman to encourage other people in their search for partners. The result is cheesy Sung and shame for all. Psychological theories of communication and social interaction are reliable bases for advice on the pick-up. If your goal is to pick up a girl in a bar, you just need to understand some basic psychological principles and apply them in the field.

Approach with confidence. Confidence is one of the most desirable traits of a man. When you are targeting a specific woman in a bar, do not wait for her to speak with you, such as the probability that happen is low. Instead, approach her directly and with confidence. This means walking with a confident posture and eye contact.

Starts the interaction non stereotypical. For many, the purpose of a bar is to meet potential partners. Thus, the woman that is approaching probably has been addressed several times. Do not use sung. Don ‘t tell her she looks well. Don ‘t ask personal questions. Say something interesting and creative, or ask a question that is likely to produce an answer more than one word.

To continue the conversation while at the same time implicitly displaying their positive traits. The topic of conversation is not important, as significant communication search romantic mostly is nonverbal. Speak louder than you feel is necessary; just remember that you are in a bar, noisy and likely to be misheard. Display their positive traits include showing kindness and compassion, comfort with closeness with the women and the intellect.

Move out of the bar. With the women out there, somewhere, a restaurant or your home. I do not suggest to move the toolbar, but actually make the decision. In other words, don ‘t ask if she would like to go with you somewhere, but the state you and she are going somewhere else and take her there. If you were successful in their interaction with her, it is unlikely that she will refuse. Congratulations, you are now a meeting.