How to Get the Werewolf Look

Werewolves are creatures of fantasy with a little dangerous and powerful. This may explain why they are often a favorite, in time for Halloween. If you want to get the appearance of werewolf, there are things you can do to improve your natural style without putting in the stage makeup and fake fur.

Things that you need

  • Hair gel
  • Hair spray.
  • Flannel shirt
  • Blue jeans
  • Work boots

Jazz up your eyebrows, allowing them to get messed up. Refrain from trim or plucking them. Dip a finger with a spritz of hairspray and shape by the eyebrow in a broad look a mess. The lacquer will help to keep them in place.

Spread the hair gel in your hands and run your fingers through your hair dry. Work the hair in a look at wind, bold. Place the additional gel at your fingertips and pull your hair out tips in several directions. Allow the gel to dry and apply a generous layer of lacquer.

Dressed in the wear of lumberjack worn outdoors. Flannel shirts jeans faded blue jeans work well. Leave the shirt shirt outside with the first two and bottom 2two buttons undone. Roll up your sleeves and wearing work boots to complete the outfit.

Grow facial hair naturally, without cutting. Allow the hair growing on your neck and high on the cheekbones without edges clean shaving. The tabs are a must, preferably misaligned sideburns grow commensurately.

Allow the nails grow more than normal and consider archiving them in a form slightly pointed. For a look real attention getting, painting them with the nails painted black or brown.